Why Should Teams Write Objectives?

One of the most often misunderstood (and often skipped) parts of the PI process is that of Objectives writing. The bit people get wrong is knowing the difference between objectives and features. At best, teams resort to paraphrasing their features

7 Pitfalls to Agile Testing

“Whether your company is working in waterfall or agile, your testers will have the same basic skill-set and knowledge, the real difference is in their way of working.” Those testers who are used to working in an organisation that delivers

Is The SAFe Framework worth doing?

PI Planning is at the very heart of any SAFe implementation. But do we really need it? Well, as Dean Leffingwell states: ‘If you aren’t conducting PI planning, you aren’t using SAFe’ so perhaps the more pertinent question is, do we

Six reasons behind a small team size

1. The Risky Shift People put less effort in a) when they think other people in the group are putting in less effort, and b) when they think other people will work harder to accommodate. Members of small teams are