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Agile is not about being cool, it’s about delivering better business outcomes

We are all about delivering higher quality products and services faster and more sustainably.

Although the majority of organisations have formally embraced an agile way of working, the hard truth is that most are not realising optimal business outcomes because their initiatives fail to address the existing organisational structure and governance models.

To realise true business agility the organisation should be seen as an interconnected system where all departments are value-generating by either directly contributing to the final product or enabling improved efficiency.

To do this, focus on a foundation of the right values and guiding principles. This alongside flexibility of practice and process are the starting point of any Agilicist partnership.

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Partnering Lion and tiger



To realise true agility across an organisation, the overall goal is not simply to adopt Agile, it’s to deliver better business outcomes. We help organisations imbed Agile principles and practices in order to connect their values with those of the customer. 

To successfully align and increase transparency across the whole organisation you need a process that can be planned and executed with clearly defined objectives and measurable outcomes.

We help craft and pilot an approach to every transformation; pre-defined metrics guide and inform our progress and we iterate based upon new information to assist the organisation’s evolution.



Whether you sell products or services, we support and supplement your delivery function to drive incremental improvement of your delivery pipeline.

From ideation to releasing customer value, we instil the processes and practices to enable your teams to increase quality and reduce lead-time. Our approach is a collaborative one; designed to increase transparency across the organisation.

We believe in gathering the data first, benchmarking it, and then using that data to drive quicker, more informed and ultimately better decisions. When you have a baseline, you have a platform to build a delivery function that stops starting and starts finishing.



We offer periodic agile health checks to provide insight into how well the organisation is currently implementing agile across the business. If you already have a large consultancy managing your delivery portfolio, we make sure they are operating effectively.

From backlog management, technical engineering practices and operations – to roles, responsibilities and the climate of culture; our team of experts work with your teams and stakeholders, gathering feedback via interviews and direct observations to produce a Recommendations report.

Our audit function enables the creation of an Improvement backlog with supporting actions to provide a clear pathway to success.



Our consultants have worked and delivered in highly complex and regulated  environments. They have facilitated mergers and acquisitions, overseen large migrations and been instrumental in major new product launches.

They serve at the strategic level and leverage their experience across numerous industry sectors. They bring their specific expertise and specialist knowledge to every engagement.

They have seen the same problems before, and will help you to navigate the inevitable roadblocks by tailoring strategies which quickly resolve any challenges that are preventing the organisation from achieving the desired results – guiding towards better outcomes. 


Listen to what the stakeholders have to say about becoming agile…

“Increasing your business agility is simple, but it isn’t easy. It is vital to get the execution right – that’s where Agilicist come in”