With over 60 live PI Planning events run over the last 3 years from large FTSE 100 companies to small start-ups across a wide range of industries and countries. We know PI Planning.

Whatever your context, our team has the expertise to coordinate planning sessions that give organisations the predictability they need to make better business decisions – and we know how to make it just as effectively digitally.

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From physically collocated to digitally collocated


From collaborating physically to collaborating digitally


From aligning physically to aligning digitally

Collocated, physical PI Planning events enable fast feedback and rapid decision making and reduce coordination management. When moving to distributed, digital planning it is very easy to lose these key benefits so organisations must ensure that planning preparation is meticulous, everyone knows what they are doing and the execution of the event itself has strong facilitation. We can help your organisation retain the benefits of collocation even when individuals are working remotely. 

Collaboration is a cornerstone of agile and physical PI planning sessions make it very easy to collaborate across the organisation. This can become a challenge when working remotely, but by ensuring your Digital PI is setup the right way – the organisation can ensure effective problem solving happens, that ideas continue to be shared and team culture and engagement is maintained. We show you the right processes and tools to seamlessly adapt to remote planning.

Alignment is the precursor to autonomy and when teams are physically separated at a Digital PI Planning, alignment becomes more important than ever. Company leaders need to make doubly sure that teams orient around the company’s overall purpose, strategy, and priorities. Backlogs must be decisively prioritised and consistently refined so teams can work on the most valuable things. We understand the best practices to support organisational alignment, digitally.



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