Step 1

Attend an Agilicist Course

Step 2

Post about the course on LinkedIn tagging @agilicist

Step 3

Receive your unique discount code

Step 4

Give your unique discount code to a friend or colleague who would like to take an Agilicist course

Step 5

Your colleague will receive a £50 discount when they book and you’ll receive a £50 Amazon voucher

you can repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as you like

Refer a friend: To receive the Refer a friend discount and Amazon voucher, you must have attended and completed an Agilicist Course. You must have posted about attending the Agilicist Course on LinkedIn and tagged Agilicist (@Agilicist) in the post before you receive the unique discount code. Agilicist reserve the right to remove or clawback discounts applied through the Refer a friend scheme if fraud or abuse is suspected or discounts are made in error.
Referral: Your friend can book any Agilicist Course on offer using the unique discount code. If your friend has already booked an Agilicist Course, the Refer a friend discount will not be applicable. At the time of the referral, your friend must not have already been referred by another person.
Discount application: The Refer a Friend discount is applied to your friend's booking automatically and will appear on his/her invoice. Your Amazon voucher will be sent to your email address registered with Agilicist within 28 days of your friend's attendance of the booked Agilicist Course. You, the referrer, must have attended an Agilicist Course when the friend books an Agilicist Course for you both to qualify for the £50 booking discount and £50 Amazon voucher. If your friend cancels their booking or if we are unable to proceed with the Agilicist Course booked for any reason, we may withdraw any discount offered and cancel any Amazon Voucher.
Discounts and Amazon Vouchers will not be: (a) applied retrospectively; (b) used to reduce any outstanding charges owed by you or your friend to Agilicist; (c) exchanged for cash. If you pass your friend's details to Agilicist, you confirm that you have your friend's permission to do so. Agilicist reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.