A common disease that afflicts management and government administration the world over is the impression that ‘our problems are different.’ They are different, to be sure, but the principles that will help to improve quality of product and of service are universal in nature.
— W. Edwards Deming

DO These Problems look Familiar?

If these look familiar, the chances are you probably need to start scaling agile in your enterprise. Many companies that have already started to embrace SAFe have seen these problems solved.


Your Scaled Agile Transformation with Agilicist


Readiness Assessment

Every Scaled Agile transformation begins with an Agilicist assessment to help determine the organisation’s current state. Each company has different challenges and is at different stages of Agile maturity. It is important that we develop an understanding of your unique situation before embarking on a transformation. Agilicist produce a readiness report to ensure the most effective scaled agile transformation plan to maximise your return on investment.


Define Strategy and Roadmap

Following a collaborative review of the company’s Readiness Report, Agilicist will produce a  bespoke Scaled Agile strategy including an implementation roadmap which provides clarity on the scope of the transformation.



A comprehensive top-down training schedule is formed to align everyone involved in the area of transformation and give them the processes and tools to solve the challenges at hand and improve performance.



Once teams and stakeholders are trained it is time to begin implementing the new scaled agile way of working by identifying value streams, forming the Agile Release Trains that will deliver the product and kicking off with the first PI planning event.



Agilicist understands that the competition never sleeps and that organisations that do not relentlessly improve risk being overtaken. As such, Agilicist ensure every company we work with keeps up the momentum by developing a community of practice using internal resources so maturity continues to grow after Aglicist has completed their part in the transformation process.